In order to see all the available features, we kindly recommend you to visit the demo by clicking on the demo tab above.

  • easy to install

    There is absolutely no hack needed, it installs in seconds through Joomla installer like any other Joomla component.

  • unlimited number of affiliates

    We know your business is growing and we are adapted to your needs.

  • option to turn your usual Joomla users into affiliates

    You want your actual users to become your affiliates? Very simple, with Virtue Affiliate you can easily turn them into affiliates without asking them to register again.

  • multi-level marketing

    Currently Virtue Affiliate supports 5 tier levels.

  • admin and affiliate e-mail notifications

    Because time is precious Virtue Affiliate was created to help you receive important information in as little time as possible.

  • complete reports

    We provide you complete reports regarding your affiliate activity ( affiliate, referrer, banner, ip, country, browser, os, commission, date ) For your convenience, flash charts for traffic and orders reports are also available.

  • reports management

    You can easily export your important information. Virtue Affiliate allows you to export your reports in .csv format. You can also delete your reports without affecting in any way your affiliate balance.

  • commissions management

    Virtue Affiliate allows you to choose for each affiliate from 4 commission types: commission per Click, commission per Order, commission per Product, commission per Category. You can also choose if the commission will be set as fixed ammount or/and as percent.

  • back-end affiliate management

    With Virtue Affiliate is very simple to manage anything related with your affiliates. You can add/edit/delete your affiliate in just a few clicks. And because communcation is important, Virtue Affiliate can also be used as a communication channel between you and your affiliates by using the message system.

  • customizable payment solutions

    Along 4 built-in Payout Methods (PayPal, MoneyBookers, Bank Transfer, Check) our affiliate extension allows you to add how many Payout Methods you want. Choosing date and ammount to pay is also very easy, you can choose whenever you want to pay your affiliates and with any amount you want. The "Pending Payments" section was created to help you in taking fast decisions on who you must pay and how much.

  • wide range of banners and links

    Your affiliates will be completely satisfied not only because of the commissions but also because of the wide range of banners and links from where they can choose. They can choose between 5 banner types: image, text, link, product, category. You can also add unlimited banners and manage them how you wish (delete, resize). The most important is the fact that the product banners are automatically generated which means you don't need to worry about changing any detail (price, image, description) when you modify a product.

  • highly customizable

    In the Settings area you can set: cookie lifetime, affiliate registration fields, affiliate approvement ( manual or instant ), if you want to be notified when someone applies for an affiliate account, Terms of Service, Affiliate Login page message, Signup page message, footer content, currency you want to use, number of digits displayed after decimal point for all amounts, flash chart dimensions and others. You can edit the front-end layout how you wish. The back-end and front-end language is based on standard Joomla! ini language files so is very easy to edit.

  • detailed Help section

access to future versions

For any of our products you will receive free access to any upgrade or future version.

free support

Since each client is very important for us, we offer you 24/7 free professional support.

source code

No encoded files. You will get the full source code for any of our products. All Joomla! extensions provided by us are released under a GPL license.