In order to see all the available features, we kindly recommend you to visit the demo by clicking on the demo tab above.

  • easy to use

    BeestoHelpDesk customer service is intuitive and well designed making it easy to use.

  • easy to configure

    Full-featured but no need to be an high level trained person to choose the right settings for your help desk. Actually no need to do nothing else than install and run. So simple since the optimal configuration is already set for you.

  • staff management

    Absolute control over your staff. Few clicks requires to add or remove a help desk administrator. Pick up a Joomla user from your users list to make him part of your help desk team. For each staff you have you can decide what actions he can perform or what ticket categories he's allowed to access. Make this even easier using staff grouping advantages, they can be split into two major groups, Super Admin - access to all features and categories - and Admin - you can limit features and categories. No time to set permissions for your staff? Solved too, thanks to the BeestoHelpDesk connection with Joomla ACL.

  • knowledgebase

    Knowledgebase provides information, articles or answers to frequently asked questions. Unlimited knowledgebase articles and categories are supported.

    You can create category within category and so on without limitations.
    Your articles may contain also attachments and no limit here too. Add as many documents you want to your downloadable content attached to the knowledgebase article.
    Publish or unpublish content by article or by category.
    Enable or disable articles rating system.

    These are just few options that you have regarding knowledgebase section which can be considered one of the most important feature when we are talking about a support ticket system.

  • notifications

    E-mail notifications are sent when:
    - staff or customer add a new reply to the ticket
    - customer open a support ticket
    - staff open a support ticket as customer
    - ticket is assigned to some staff member
    - customer try to recover his ticket code

    Both staff and customer can access directly their tickets from e-mail notification.

  • predefined responses

    Make your job even easier using predefined replies that staff can select and submit without typing the message.

  • advanced reports

    Detailed reports of all help desk events. You can see new tickets submitted, opened or resolved in a certain period of time grouped by days or months. You can view also tickets and their replies grouped by ticket categories or staff, the last one giving you a clear picture of staff activity.

  • attachments

    Better communication with your customers when you can use attachments no argue on that. Help them sending patches, fixes, notes, pictures, any kind of documents that can speed up the support process. Customers can send you files as well. As part of help desk Super Admin group you can disable use of attachments or limit number of attachments per post, decide which file types are allowed or maximum upload file size. Attachments can be added also to your knowledgebase articles.

  • rating system

    Staff replies and knowledgebase articles can be rated by your customers.
    Find in that way the lowest or highest rated among staff and knowledgebase articles. See the ratings and take action. Push the lazy staff or eliminate one-star ranked articles to improve the bussines.

  • end user interface

    Nice and simple, the front-end offers to your customers the possibility to open a ticket, view a ticket, explore knowledgebase in a user-friendly manner. Many of front-end elements are changeable or removable giving you the option to reach the best layout that fits your needs. Submit ticket page is also customizable by adding text boxes, text areas, select boxes, checkboxes, radio buttons helping you to collect the right information about your customers. No hacks needed just a few clicks in the back-end under Fields section. Besides that you can edit CSS files that will give you more power over the front-end layout editing.

access to future versions

For any of our products you will receive free access to any upgrade or future version.

free support

Since each client is very important for us, we offer you 24/7 free professional support.

source code

No encoded files. You will get the full source code for any of our products. All Joomla! extensions provided by us are released under a GPL license.